Category: Uutiset

Finnish Visual Arts Lecture Series

Welcome to the fascinating world of Finnish visual arts, artistry and artist lives during the Finnish Golden era (ca 1880-1910)! Slides for past lectures available here: Finnish Institute in Japan will organise a lecture series about the golden era of Finnish visual arts and its most beloved and known artists. Join the lectures in Zoom… Read more »

Miila Westin: Mythical

Have you heard of Rongoteus or Ägräs? Miila Westin’s exhibition of Finnish mythical beings is part of her Master of Arts thesis in Aalto University. While researching the Finnish ancient religion the illustrator noticed how abundantly there were myths and stories which were not a part of the national epic of Karelia and Finland, The… Read more »

Encore Finland Film Festival

Encore Finland Film Festival brings festival favourites of the recent years to Shibuya Euro Space’s screens 14.–19.11.2020. Films are in Finnish, with Japanese subtitles. Miami, 2017 Little Wing (Tyttö nimeltä Varpu), 2016 Tale of a Lake (Järven tarina), 2016 Summertime (Kesäkaverit), 2014 Above Dark Waters (Tumman veden päällä), 2013 Concrete Night (Betoniyö), 2013 For more details… Read more »