129 applications for the first Together Alone round!

April 9, 2020
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We’ve gone through amazing applications by artists and collectives from across the globe – from Finland to Burkina Faso, from Japan to India and Australia. Five projects have now been selected, taking us on an exploration of artistic practices in times of physical isolation: artists weaving futurology and contemporary dance practices, studying fresh-water polyps and creating algorithms based on Covid-19 data, and others focusing on collaborative practices via soundscapes and online reading programmes.

The selected projects from the first round are:

  • Across the Way With… by Shimmer Rotterdam and PUBLICS
  • Bodytalk by Simo Vassinen, Roope Mokka and Maria F. Scaroni
  • Hydra Human Hybrid by Charles Quevillon and Maija Tammi in collaboration with Tedd Robinson
  • Untitled by Maria Korkeila
  • World Wide Window by Mikki Nordman


The project still continues. Kindly send your proposal (max 3 000 characters) by April 20th or May 4th at 4 p.m (EEST) to togetheralone@fininst.uk

Let’s make the best out of this situation – together!

Selected projects from the second round

Selected projects from the third round