100 Objects from Finland


100 Objects from Finland

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Finland, the 100 Objects from Finland exhibition introduces one object from each year of Finland’s 100 years of independence from 1917 to 2017.

The exhibition tells the story of Finland and its people through a series of everyday objects designed and used in Finland.

All of the objects featured in 100 Objects from Finland were Made in Finland and Designed in Finland, but most of all, they represent Life in Finland. Their stories address the climate, light, children, work, overcoming of obstacles, insight and joy.

The 100 Objects from Finland online exhibition at 100objects.fi is available in 13 languages. The Finnish Institute in Japan had the exhibition translated into Japanese. The exhibition opens on March 23, 2017 at 100objects.fi.


Did you know that Alvar Aalto designed the classic Aalto vase as early as 1936?


Or that the necklace princess Leia wore in the ending scene of the first Star Wars movie is a part of the Space Silver series designed by Björn Weckström for the Finnish jewellery brand Lapponia?

100 Objects from Finland introduces both design and everyday objects throughout the history of Finland. This is the first time that such a comprehensive history of Finnish cultural history has been put together in the format of an online exhibition. The exhibition offers a great opportunity for people all over the world to read about Finnish culture and history in their own native tongue.

The exhibition was curated by author and historian Anna Kortelainen and designer Pekka Toivainen. The project was coordinated by the Finnish Institute in Estonia.

100 Objects from Finland was translated into Japanese by Ryo Umeda. According to Umeda, through the exhibition one can learn about Finnish design and lifestyle, but also about the history of Finland as a nation. “I wanted to translate the texts in a way that it would be easy for a Japanese reader to understand the cultural meaning of the objects. I hope that the exhibition will deepen people’s knowledge about Finland. Some of the objects are so deeply linked to Finnish culture, however, that it is difficult for someone who has never visited Finland to grasp their true meaning. Yet, I do believe, that if one travels to Finland and encounters these objects in the right context, one will be able to fully understand what they mean to the Finnish people.”

The 100 objects will tour from Helsinki to Tallinn, Oslo, Madrid and Riga through the network of Finnish cultural and science institutes.

Dates and places of the exhibition:

Helsinki from March 23 to May 28 2017
Tallinn from June 10 to August 20 2017
Oslo from September 7 to October 30 2017
Madrid from November 18 to January 14 2018
Riga from February 3 to April 15 2018

Which object do you think represents Finland best?

Which object represents your year of birth?
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